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Sports Chiropractic
Colorado Springs

Whether you’re a world-class athlete or a weekend warrior, chiropractic care from Lawrence Chiropractic can help you keep doing what you love. We’ve treated athletes at the Olympic Training Center, which provides insurance for chiropractic treatments because they recognize how important it is for their athletes. When your joints are sitting where they’re supposed to be and your muscles are free of scar tissue, you’ll be stronger and faster, and you’ll recover better.

Dad and son playing basketball

Help for Weekend Warriors

Life is hectic these days, and many people only have time to pursue their hobbies on the weekend. This weekend warrior approach is hard on the body because the muscles may be strong enough, but they lack endurance. So the muscles often tear, which affects the joints and ligaments.

For sports injuries, we apply our usual 3-pronged approach of adjustment, deep tissue work (including massage therapy) and rehabilitative exercises in our gym. The rehab aspect is especially important for sports injuries; Dr. Lawrence will give you exercises you can do at home to repair the muscles and build endurance, which will help prevent further injuries (so you don’t have to see us as often!) and get you back to your game.

Part of the muscle work we do for sports injuries includes cold laser and interferential current (IFC). Cold laser generates nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the affected area so it heals faster. IFC is a low-frequency electrical current used to stimulate muscles, which relieves pain and also speeds healing.

Your joints take a beating in sports. We treat a lot of sprained ankles, tennis or golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff injuries, knee injuries, hip problems, and flat feet. In any of these injuries, it’s important to get treatment right away to prevent scar tissue from developing. The longer you wait, the more scar tissue develops and hardens, restricting the joint even more and causing more pain.

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