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Auto Accident Chiropractor
Colorado Springs

Auto accidents are traumatic for the body in ways people often don’t realize. Dr. Lawrence at Lawrence Chiropractic explains the physics involved: the weight of a car (mass) multiplied by its acceleration (speed) equals the amount of force generated. In an accident, two cars slam into each other and all the force from both of them travels throughout your body, causing a significant amount of damage.

What Happens to the Body?

Man in blue shirt holding neck after accidentAnything and everything can happen to your body in a car crash, from relatively mild joint dysfunction to death. Common injuries include concussions, mild traumatic brain injury, tearing of muscles or ligaments, and almost always whiplash. Even your vision can be knocked off-kilter.

After an accident, the body tries to heal itself, producing scar tissue immediately. At first, the scar tissue is malleable and can be corrected right away. But if it’s not addressed, a second layer forms over it, and this layer is much more solid.

It restricts the joint so the joint and muscles can’t move correctly, which can then affect your gait, weakening and shortening other muscles. Eventually, your body tries to heal the joints by fusing them with calcium, which generates more pain and dysfunction, affecting everything, even sleep.

Your body is designed to always try to compensate for any weakness or injury. Unfortunately, that compensation can throw off other areas that were not even directly affected by the accident. For example, your nerves may develop incorrect firing issues, resulting in neuropathy.

Sadly, half of all people involved in car accidents still have issues 10 years later. Seeing us as soon as possible after an accident can help prevent that.

Chiropractic adjustments combined with deep tissue work and rehabilitative exercises can make a world of difference in auto accident recovery. The sooner you see us, the faster we can address that scar tissue in its early stages, when it’s still soft. We can get the joints sitting where they’re supposed to be, allowing the muscles guarding them to relax so they don’t develop harder layers of scar tissue or calcification. Preventing serious consequences is much easier and less painful than correcting them.

Of course, your treatment plan will be individually tailored to your specific injuries and diagnosis, and Dr. Lawrence and the staff will explain every modality so you understand exactly how it can help you. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, auto accident treatments typically include:

  • Deep tissue work
  • Cold laser
  • Ultrasound

  • NIR
  • IFC
  • Rehab

We’ve been treating auto accident patients for many years, and we are experts on the entire process, including dealing with insurance, lawyers and other doctors. All you have to do is give us your claim information and focus on healing-we take care of absolutely everything else:

  • We do all of the insurance filing.
  • We have relationships with several very good, reputable lawyers and can help you transition to a lawyer who will care about you (we can also tell you which ones to avoid).
  • We work with a team of medical professionals to get you the best care possible, including MDs, neurologists, dentists, ophthalmologists, and an imaging lab.
  • We refer you out for any X-rays or MRIs. This strengthens your case because at least one additional doctor (sometimes more) can confirm your diagnosis.

Dr. Lawrence’s extensive background in biology and anatomy helps him accurately diagnose and treat your condition, of course. And it is also helpful in documenting the severity of your injuries for your claim.

Recovery time from an auto accident depends on the severity of the damage. Most people recover in 3-6 months. Some take longer. And some will always have residual issues. That’s why it’s crucial for you to let us know about any issues or pain you’re having throughout the treatment process, so we can document everything for the lawyers and insurance. Pain and suffering are very real, and it’s something that could last the rest of your life so it’s important that we address it.

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Of course, we’d like you to be among the patients who recover completely within a few months! And the best way to accomplish that is to see us right away. If you’ve been in a car accident, even if it seemed very minor, the effects on your body can be very major indeed.

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