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Back Pain Treatment
Colorado Springs

You don’t have to live in pain. If you are experiencing any level of back pain, Lawrence Chiropractic offers comprehensive treatments to Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities.

Woman sitting on sofa with back pain

How Back Pain Starts

You don’t have to do much to experience back pain. It’s a part of everyday life for everyone, from children to the elderly. Exercising too much or not enough, young with poor posture or elderly with arthritis, you can’t really win. Being active ensures that you will experience back pain due to a sports-related injury or an accident. You won’t give up your favorite sports so your body can rest from repetitive motions and traumas. You can’t predict having a car accident. The only thing you can do is get relief.

There are many components at work in your back. Even moving the wrong way can cause back pain. You can sprain ligaments, strain muscles, rupture disks or irritate joints. Also, inflammation from a poor diet can mean achy upper and lower back. Whether your pain is skeletal or muscular, treating your back pain will vary depending on the source of your pain. Lawrence Chiropractic has a solution for your back pain.

Lawrence Chiropractic is well-versed in several adjusting techniques for your spine, bio-geometric integration and massage. We believe in an inside-out approach to your back pain. We put you on a path to mitigate all non-physical causes of pain like obesity, poor diet and stress while relieving immediate pains with customized chiropractic treatments.

There are cardinal rules that should be followed to be personally mindful of your movements and prevent back pain and injuries.

  • Exercise – A sedentary lifestyle makes your body more sensitive to inflammation and you hurt anyway. If you sit for long periods of time, take a break every two hours and stretch.
  • Forego High Heels – While they can make you feel beautiful and they’re designed to make a statement, heels over 2 inches are not meant for long wear. Give your feet a break with flat shoes.
  • Use your knees when bending – Never bend from your back, and never twist when lifting heavy objects.

Feel Better Today

For a detailed perspective on your back pain, schedule a consultation with the chiropractors of Lawrence Chiropractic. Call us today at Lawrence Chiropractic.

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