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Chiropractic Care

The goal of chiropractic care is to resolve joint dysfunction so your body works as it should, without pain. But it’s not enough to treat only the joint itself. If you don’t address the soft tissue, connective tissue and nerves involved, the joint won’t heal completely and reinjury is likely.

Taking a 3-Pronged Approach

At Lawrence Chiropractic, we use a 3-pronged approach to care:

  1. Adjustment: Remove the restriction in the joint, whether in the spine or extremity, so the joint is sitting correctly.
  2. Massage and other deep tissue work: Work on the muscles involved with that restriction to get them engaged again and break up scar tissue.
  3. Rehabilitative exercise: Strengthen weak muscles and lengthen muscles that have shortened and become restrictive.

This comprehensive approach allows the body to heal more completely, restoring strength and mobility to the weakened areas. The adjustment itself is usually painless. Working on the tightened muscles can sometimes cause some soreness, especially at the first appointment, but we use IFC and heat after the treatment and that’s generally all it takes to alleviate any soreness.

Our approach achieves excellent results for injuries caused by sports or automobile accidents, TMJ, back pain, headaches, and peripheral neuropathy, to name a few.

For certain conditions, such as disc herniation, sciatica or stenosis, we also use decompression. Dr. Lawrence will explain how decompression works, using models and diagrams so you can visualize what happens with bulging discs. Essentially, decompression is a safe way to remove pressure on the nerve root by allowing the disc fluid to flow back into the center of the disc, where it belongs. Over time, decompression can provide significant relief.

Our chiropractic techniques include the following:

  • Diversified
  • Drop Table
  • Activator Methods®
  • Webster Technique

We also use the following modalities in our treatments:

  • Cold laser
  • IFC (interferential current)
  • NIR (near-infrared light)
  • Deep-tissue work

In addition, many patients receive chiropractic care in conjunction with other medical treatments for their conditions. We work with many foot doctors, neurologists, pediatricians, dentists, and even eye doctors, and are happy to be part of your overall health team.

Get Better – Then Stay Better

Dr. Lawrence points out that, just as going to the dentist for periodic checkups and cleanings is good for your teeth, going to a chiropractor periodically is good for your joints, which get abused and jammed up just from living life. We’d love to help you start feeling better! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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