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New Patients at Lawrence Chiropractic

We know people may feel a bit nervous about trying chiropractic. At Lawrence Chiropractic, our goal is to eliminate your fear by explaining everything, every step of the way.

Get Relief at Your Very First Visit

From the minute you enter the practice, our team is at your service. The staff will greet you and chat with you while you fill out our new patient paperwork. We’ll give you a bottle of water and show you around.

Then you’ll see Dr. Lawrence, who will take your history and intently listen as he gets to know you and your symptoms. He’ll perform an exam, including some orthopedic tests, and let you know what he thinks your diagnosis is. He may refer you out for X-rays or an MRI (we work with an imaging facility just down the street).

Dr. Lawrence will explain everything that’s going to happen so you know exactly what to expect. Then he’ll do a very gentle adjustment, followed by other modalities such as ultrasound, cold laser, IFC, or heat, as needed for your situation. The first visit takes about 45 minutes to an hour and should provide noticeable relief.

What Happens Next?

Your second appointment will be about 2-3 days later, which gives us time to review any X-rays or MRIs. At that visit, we’ll go over your diagnosis, options for treatment, and how much everything will cost. We explain all the modalities we offer, so you understand how they can benefit you. We also discuss what the financial arrangements will be, and we handle all insurance billing for you.

At this and subsequent visits, Dr. Lawrence will do some work on your muscles, then do an adjustment, followed by some stretches on the table. After that you’ll have whichever other modalities your treatment plan calls for, which may include rehabilitative exercises in our gym. These visits typically take about 30 minutes.

Feel Better Now

We are a Medicare and VA provider, and we accept most major credit cards. Contact us to set up your first appointment. We offer same-day appointments, and we’re open late. We’d love to meet you and help you start feeling better now!

New Patients at Lawrence Chiropractic | (719) 596-4580