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Sciatica Treatment
Colorado Springs

No matter how you experience sciatica, it makes it hard to move from one position to another, whether you’re getting up, sitting down or walking. Let the experienced chiropractors at Lawrence Chiropractic diagnose and treat your sciatica so you can move without pain again.

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What Causes Sciatica

There are many ways to get sciatica. Over-exercising, pregnancy, trauma from a fall or accident, and even aging. Anything that irritates the nerve roots in the lumbar region will lead to discomfort. Changes in your weight and, in the case of pregnancy, a shift in the pressure on the spine, can cause ruptured discs.

The chiropractors at Lawrence Chiropractic analyzes our patients’ history and order diagnostic imaging like X-rays, CT scans and MRI to align your symptoms to what we discover.

Chiropractic Treatments for Sciatica

Because your body is unique, your sciatica treatment will be just as unique. Sciatica treatment starts with in-office visits and at-home stretching ‘homework’ designed to continue your progress even when you’re not in the office. Treatment time will vary greatly dependent on the Dr.’s diagnoses, your response to the treatment and your effort.

The worst thing you can do with sciatica is to stop exercising. At home, make sure you do the stretches assigned to you and write down your progress as you move through the poses. Your range of motion and pain level is noted and tested. Your chiropractors at Lawrence Chiropractic value your input and will change your treatment if necessary.

Get Started Today

You don’t have to live with sciatica. Contact your chiropractors in Colorado Springs for a thorough diagnosis of your lower back pain at (719) 596-4580.

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