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Spinal Decompression Therapy
Colorado Springs

Bulging or herniated discs can cause reduced function and severe pain, not just in the back but into the extremities as well. Many people believe that the only treatment for herniated discs is surgery, but surgery is costly and invasive-and sometimes does more harm than good. We recommend trying a more conservative approach first.

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What Is Decompression?

Decompression is a non-surgical treatment for herniated or bulging discs or conditions such as sciatica or stenosis. It’s safe and highly effective and provides significant relief from these extremely painful conditions.

Discs are filled with fluid and sit between the vertebrae and, among other things, act as shock absorbers. When a disc is ruptured or bulging, the fluid has moved out from the center of the disc, allowing the vertebrae to put pressure on the nerve root, which causes pain in the back or extremities.

Decompression works by slowly stretching the spine to pull the vertebrae apart. Since the joint is a vacuum, this creates negative pressure that, over time, sucks the fluid back into the middle of the disc where it belongs and pulls the disc back into place between the vertebrae. As the disc heals, it eventually relieves pressure on the nerve root and allows for better function and decreased pain.

Success Stories

At Lawrence Chiropractic, we’ve seen lots of decompression success stories over the years! One of our favorites involved a patient whose MRI showed three bulging discs and two herniated discs.

His doctor recommended surgery, but Dr. Lawrence suggested trying decompression first. He felt improvement during his first treatment. It took some time and repetitive visits, but the discs healed and he was able to get back to playing sports and doing his favorite activities. It’s been 10 years with no further issues-and no surgery!

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